Welcome to my blog! Here is where I hope to update once or so a month with the gigs and adventures I get up to as we ll as a few other things that happen along the way!


Well my gig year got busy quick! Not starting until the end of January, I ended up covering enough shows that by my last gig at the start of April, I was averaging a gig once every 3.8 days! Exhausting for sure (especially with the travel involved!), but no regrets! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing some of my favourite bands and discovering some fantastic new ones and of course having the camera with me down the local one night where friend and former Prodigy guitarist had the boat literally rocking all night long! It’s always fun to catch the bands and photograph some awesome shows, but let’s not forget the amazing photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working in the photo pit alongside and shared beers with, and of course some awesome highlights of an image being used in a picture video for an upcoming tour as well as an image used in an album release!

So why the ouch? Well, it happened. I got old! Not a birthday, but a real nasty back injury (and there is no fantastic, awesome back story behind it, it is literally the most pathetic sounding cause to the point where people haven’t believed me!) The doctors told me I was lucky to not slip a disc in my lower back, so life needed to slow down quick, let alone the idea of cracking on with more gigs and music photography! When you get the message from a friend that cannot make a show due to their illness, sometimes you cannot say no, especially when one of your all time favourite guitarists is filling in for the band! It was completely worth baring with the pain of a terribly bouncy train journey and crowd of people but then the worst happened, I fell victim to being the safety matt for a crowd surfer! (Thankfully i nailed the shot still!), but I’ve rested up since then and haven’t been to a gig in around 3 weeks, I’m definitely suffering with withdrawal symptoms, but the resting up is done and it’s time to get back on the horse, starting with Light the Torch tonight in a 250 capacity venue!

Headline shows included Decapitated, Stone Broken, The Dizzy Miss Lizzy’s, Tyketto, Overkill, Soen and In Flames.